An Abbreviated Family Dictionary

There are bits of family which defy description. I do not mean that metaphorically. They know you are trying and they will resist.


A basement shaped like your dim understanding of divorce. An attic blocks away likewise. It's darker there, and unmonitored. You can get away with anything.

To gets a card from  association  understanding  coffle  father  graduation  always  barn  catch  debate  debauchery  declination  embarrassment  entropy  expression  eye  fence  finger  forget  forswear  god  history  holiday  human  insanity  is  it  junkie  knots  know  korrigan  laughter  like  logic  mother  net  pockets  present  prostitution  psychology  question  relatives  saccharine  shotgun  starve  suggestion  supposedly  survival  this  toothpaste  unfair  vengeance  violence  was  water  will  witness  youth
To contemplates  like  it  and  your  you  understanding  divorce  a