An Abbreviated Family Dictionary

There are bits of family which defy description. I do not mean that metaphorically. They know you are trying and they will resist.


The cardboard square that starts a story. The open window that frames it. The hot water heater and the cold concrete floor.

And gets a card from  kiss  home  e  cant  bastard  really  know  a  dignity  forget  mind  kindness  obviously  will  yourself  logic  thought  love  wit  eye  saccharine  catch  neighbors  fence  backyard  house  history  fall  bedroom  constellation  field  pine  past  again  stuff  drama  your  expression  custody  net  agape  cataract  rhinestone  you  human  read  declination  humors  nest  x  finger  intellect  sewage  mother  dream  explanation  grievance  name  water  valence  judgment  understanding  survival  reap  reflex  appropriation
And contemplates  it  a  water