There are bits of family which defy description. I do not mean that metaphorically. They know you are trying and they will resist.

Description of the Cock

Some people think it is a cross
between a chicken and a turkey.

Simple, straight, it rises
from the front to the back.
It is precisely toothed behind
a tassel of thin tufts,
very small and intensely red.

The face should be red; if it is white
it is considered a deficiency.
Wide, a bit embossed and deep,
the body seems stocky
due to the crammed belly
and the back slightly inclines.

It is long and wide.
The cock's dark red, close
on the body, upside turned,
nicely curved
in the form of a sickle.

High, not steep, it emerges
from the body
at a blunt angle.

Easily scared by strangers
but tame with those who tend
them, a grown-up cock
has a small, fine-shaped head,
short, rimmed with horn-color.

The red eyes give an impression of ardor.



Published in the now-defunct Kill Author